Amazon Planning to Open Its Second Headquarters

The very famous online retailer Amazon is planning for opening another headquarters somewhere in Northern America which will have a capacity to accommodate fifty thousand employees and will cost around five billion dollars for its building and operation. Amazon has its current headquarters in Seattle. The company is growing at a rapid pace and is currently soliciting bids for its new project of building its second headquarters. Amazon stated that it would give priority to the metropolitan areas where the population is more than one million. Amazon also mentioned that the location that they are looking for should be at a distance of not more than 45 minutes from the airport and at the same time should be near a strong university system.

In addition to this, Amazon said that all the incentives that are offered by the local and the state governments will be the most significant factors in this particular decision that they have taken. The company currently has 380,000 employees and has already declared the plans of expanding its workforce which will create about 130,000 jobs in the United States by the middle of the year 2018. Also, it has plans of expanding the networks of its warehouses. As per today Amazon has about 40,000 employees who are working in the headquarters.

The chief executive of Amazon, Jeff Bezos stated that the second headquarters that Amazon is currently planning would be absolutely equal to the present headquarters located in Seattle. He said that the second headquarters will bring billions of dollars in upfront and ongoing investments and will generate about tens of thousands of lucrative jobs. Jeff said that Amazon is extremely excited to find a new second home.

This particular announcement from Amazon is sure to start a frenzy among the states and the municipalities who are extremely eager to recruit the e-commerce giant to their areas by offering Amazon with the appropriate mix of allowances and incentives in taxes. Amazon has received about one billion dollars in incentives since the year 2000 from both state and local governments for helping the company in building of its warehouses. Also, Amazon receives the corporate tax benefits as well. The bids for this new project of Amazon are due on the 19th of October and the company mentioned that the site for its next headquarters is expected to be decided sometime next year.

January 16, 2022 - 17:19
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