America Has a Foreign Tourist Problem

Ten business associations which include the US Chamber of Commerce and the National Restaurant Association have formed a travel industry group, the main aim of which is actually reversing the increasing unpopularity of the United States as a destination for vacations among foreign people. The main reason behind the formation of the travel group is absolutely clear which is a huge number of international travelers deciding to skip the United States as a spot for the tourist destination.

History is the greatest proof that the United States had to just sit back and let the international tourists roll their money in the country but over the past few years this trend has already begun to dry out which has resulted in the US president Donald Trump to start making some good promises that are on a campaign which promises to restrict immigration. As a result of this, businesses that constitute the multi-billion-dollar industry relying on the revenue have recently grown very nervous.

This is the reason that some of its biggest players have uncovered the special agenda known as the, Visit US Coalition for encouraging the administration of Donald Trump for enacting into a friendlier visa and border security policies at a point of time when federal agencies are just doing the opposite. Since the year 2015, the United States and Turkey have been the only places lying among the top twelve travel destinations worldwide to experience a rate of decline in inbound tourists. On the other hand, at the same time when other nations like Canada, China, Australia and the United Kingdom have come forward with notable gains in the number of tourists. Moreover, a very strong US dollar has also contributed to this as well.

In the previous week, the Commerce Department reported a 3.3 percent decrease in tourist spending for the previous year, through November, which is equivalent to about 4.6 billion dollars in losses and 40,000 jobs. The US share of international long-haul travel to the United States has come down to 11.9 percent in the previous year from 13.6 percent in the year 2015. This is according to the data of the US Travel Association. The group also stated that a slippage would be equal to about 7.4 million visitors and 32.2 billion dollars in spending. Roger Dow who is the travel president of the United States mentioned that America is not winning and is falling behind in the competition globally.

January 16, 2022 - 18:36
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