Americans are avoiding the doctor

According to a very surprising and troubling survey from the West Health Institute and NORC at the University of Chicago, it is revealed that between a third and half of the people who are of the age of 45 and 59 and about one fourth of those who are above 60 years of age went without the needed medical care in the past year due to its increasing cost. Dr. Zia Agha who is the chief medical officer at the West Health Institute which is actually a non-profit applied medical research organization based in San Diego stated that the result of the findings took everybody by surprise. The doctor also added that about eighty percent of the people who were surveyed had health insurance. Thus, it was proved that having health insurance does not protect you from bearing the cost of the medical care.

The researchers at West Health Institute and NORC at the University of Chicago (a nonpartisan research institution) took the interview of about 1,302 adults. The result of their findings was released at the American Society on Aging, 2018 aging in America conference in city of San Francisco. The result stated that among the persons between 45 to 59 years of age, about 49 percent did not visit the doctor in the previous year when they were sick, about 45 percent skipped medical treatment, about 43 percent avoided a dentist when it was required, about 40 percent went without routine medical treatment and about 30 percent did not fill a prescription or took less of the medicine that was prescribed. On the other hand, among the group of people older than 60 years, about 30 percent did not visit a dentist when required, about 27 percent skipped routine medical treatment, about 25 percent took less medicine & skipped medical treatment and about 24 percent of the individuals did not visit the doctor when they were sick.

Therefore, the survey found out that younger Americans were more likely to go without necessary healthcare due to the costs. Agha mentioned that the younger generation have lower savings in the recent times and are financially less stable which is why they are more likely to go without insurance. Agha also added that the importance of healthcare can be understood more as an individual grows older and at that point of time they are much more likely to seek medical care.

January 16, 2022 - 17:45
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