Apple apologizes after outcry over slowed iPhones

Mobile phone giant Apple has faced a lot of criticisms from people and lawsuits after it said that it had slowed the older iPhones with flagging batteries. Now Apple is slashing its prices for replacing the battery and it said it will also change the software of those phones showing users whether their phone battery is good or not. In a post that Apple put up on its website on Thursday, where Apple apologized over the fact of its handling of the battery issue.

Apple also mentioned that it would make a required number of changes for its customers for the recognition of their loyalty and also for regaining the trust of anyone who may have doubted the intentions of Apple. Apple made this particular move for addressing the concerns about both the quality and durability of its products at the same time when it is charging about 999 dollars for its latest flagship model which is known as the iPhone X.

The company clearly mentioned that it would reduce the price of the battery replacement which is out-of-warranty from 79 dollars to 29 dollars for an iPhone 6 or the later versions and this would be starting the next month. The company will also update its current iOS operating system to allow users to check whether their battery health is in a poor condition and also whether it is affecting the performance of the phone. Apple clearly stated in its post that they know that many of the users of the iPhone have the feeling that Apple has let them down and they sincerely apologize for this.

On the 20th of December 2017, Apple acknowledged the fact that the software for the iPhone has the effect of slowing down some phones that have problems with the battery. Apple stated that the problem was with the aging of the lithium batteries that delivered power in an uneven manner which could cause the unexpected shut down of the iPhones for the protection of the delicate circuits present inside the phone.

This particular disclosure had created a great impact on the customers who are on a common belief that Apple had intentionally slowed down older phones in an attempt to force customers to buy the latest and upcoming models of the iPhones. While there is no credible evidence about the fact that Apple has been engaged in such conduct, the battery disclosure struck a nerve on social media and everywhere else as well.

January 16, 2022 - 18:38
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