Bannon steps down from Breitbart News

On Tuesday, Steve Bannon who was previously the White House chief strategist resigned from the post of executive chairman of Breitbart News. This particular event was referred to as a swift and stunning fall for a leading figure on the American right who was recently reproached by US President Donald Trump and deserted by his key financial backer. Donald Trump broke with Bannon in the public that in a way that was extremely dramatic in nature in the previous week, where he suggested that his previous top adviser had actually lost his mind in reply to some of the critical comments that Bannon made about members of the family of the US president Donald Trump and campaign in the provocative new book of Michael Wolff which was titled as 'Fire and Fury.'

The announcement from Breitbart News was done on the same day when Donald Trump discussed comprehensive immigration reform at the White House and he also said that he would be attending the superior World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland which is scheduled at a time later this month. This is just a few weeks after Trump signed a bill for the slashing of rate of taxes for corporations and the wealthy individuals and all of these moves that cut against the nationalist & populist vision of Bannon. This very well shows how the influence of Bannon was slowly diminishing since he was hailed as the mastermind behind the 2016 victory of Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, Bannon mentioned in a statement that he is extremely proud of what the team of Breitbart News had been able to accomplish within a short period of time in the building of a news platform that is world class in nature. The CEO of Breitbart News, Larry Solov stated that Steve Bannon was one of the most valued parts of the news group and the team of Breitbart News will be grateful to Bannon forever for all his contributions and help that has resulted in the accomplishment of the what Breitbart News is today. Bannon was previously an investment banker and a film producer who had become the executive chairman of Breitbart news after the death of its founder in the year 2012. Then Bannon joined the campaign of Donald Trump in August 2016 as a chief executive and later on as the White House chief strategist.

January 16, 2022 - 17:22
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