Both Republicans and Democrats think they are doing poorly

Just a year after the election of the president of the United States who promised Americans would be winning so much that they would simply be tired of winning which is one of the funniest things that has happened in politics of the US and where both Republicans and Democrats are thinking that they are losing. This mood of losing is on display on a regular basis on Capitol Hill very strongly reinforced by a study of the opinions from the public that was released on Tuesday by the non-partisan Pew Research Centre.

The report reveals that more than six out of every ten Americans are of the viewpoint that their side is losing more than what it is winning on the issues that are of utmost importance. Here only about one in every four is of the viewpoint that their side is mostly winning. That particular attitude might not be very surprising from Democrats, who, with the election has lost its control of all three branches of the federal government. What strikes the most here is that the Republicans are of the similar viewpoint that they are getting the short end of the stick.

The study by the Pew Research Centre is the latest in a series the research group that it has done for the past three decades using opinions of the common people to a set of questions for grouping them into clusters according to political views that they have. The study in this year has given rise to eight such political groupings out of which four are mostly Republican and four are mostly Democratic. In addition to this there is a ninth category which is of about eight percent of common people of the United States who are present in the political debate of America but are not a part of it.

Out of the eight groups who have something to say about politics of the United States, none have a majority who think that their side is winning. Only one of them has a plurality who feels that their side is really winning. Among the Democrats, that sense of loss secures from underneath the rage many feel as they view the policies adopted under the former US President Barack Obama or the other previous presidents that have simply rolled back under the present President Donald Trump.

January 16, 2022 - 17:28
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