British government in turmoil before Trump visit

Nearly about more than two years of time, in which Theresa May ducked articulating a clear Brexit position but finally she has made the move. In spite of the fact of being rocked by two simultaneous resignations from two of the biggest giants in her Cabinet on Monday, the British Prime Minister refused to yield, daring her own party from dragging her from the soft Brexit course that she has now set. The initial signs and symptoms clearly suggests that the obstinance of Theresa May might just succeed. Even if not it will at least enable her to fight on a bit longer. In spite of all the noise, the arithmetic in parliament has not undergone any change. As of now, the hard - line Brexiteers do not have the numbers for removing Theresa May from power and at the same time cannot force their preferred version of the Brexit through the House of Commons.

In less than a week's time when Theresa May faces two excursions onto the world stage, as she pays a visit to Brussels for a NATO summit on Wednesday and after coming back from Brussels she will be welcoming the President of the United States Donald Trump on his first official visit to the United Kingdom. This is the reason why May will certainly need to draw further on her reserves of obstinance. Just less than half an hour after No. 10 revealed the resignation of Boris Johnson on Monday afternoon, Theresa May was on her feet in the House of Commons with an intention to push ahead with the new Brexit plan of the government in spite of the rolling chaos threatening to engulf her government.

A little after the rumors of an imminent leadership challenge, Theresa May was cheered by Conservative MPs at the time when she addressed them in a meeting of her parliamentary party behind closed doors. The labor aides are presently discussing openly about a fresh coalition of chaos with the main intention of bringing down the government when the final agreement is brought back to the Commons. May constantly insisted her latest Brexit offer was agreed upon with her Cabinet at her country retreat Chequers on Friday which would see the United Kingdom permanently aligned to EU rules on goods and agriculture, would be published in full on Thursday as it was planned previously when Donald Trump will be arriving for dinner at the ancestral home of Winston Churchill at the Blenheim Palace.

January 16, 2022 - 19:08
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