CA Democrat and #MeToo leader accused of groping male staffer

A Democrat of California featured as Time's Magazine Person in the issue of the year, for her role in the anti-sexual harassment movement called 'Me Too'. Now she has been accused of groping a male legislative staffer during a game of softball in 2014 and moreover she was drunk while the incident occurred. Christina Garcia who is an Assembly woman allegedly stroked the back of the legislative staffer trying to squeeze his buttocks and made an attempt to grab his crotch when the staffer walked away from her. The legislative staffer Daniel Fierro was 25 years of age at the time when the incident took place in 2014. Daniel Fierro worked for Ian Calderon at that time who was an Assembly man.

Daniel did not mention anything about the incident when it occurred but in January he told it to Ian Calderon who is also a Democrat and he reported the matter to the leaders of the Assembly. Fierro who was a former legislative staffer mentioned that Garcia was completely under the influence of alcohol at the time when the incident occurred for a time period of not more than 30 to 35 seconds. He even added that her hand was slowly coming down to his butt and she tried to squeeze it. The Assembly has now started an investigation about the matter and Anthony Rendon who is the speaker of the Assembly mentioned in a statement that he has given direction to human resources to reach out to the staff of Garcia to make sure that they feel safe.

In a completely separate report given by Politico it stated that a lobbyist who declined to be named said that Garcia had made rough sexual comments and even tried to grab his crotch at a fundraiser event held in the year 2017. Garcia who is a lawmaker in the Los Angeles area stated on Thursday that each of the complaints that are related to sexual harassment should be treated with utmost seriousness and she is ready to completely participate in the investigation process that takes place. Garcia also clearly mentioned that she does not remember of ever engaging with any kind of inappropriate behavior and such behavior is absolutely inconsistent with her values. Thus, she completely denied the allegation that was brought in her name and was ready to participate in the investigation process.

January 16, 2022 - 03:51
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