China plans tough response to Trump new tariffs

The ministry of commerce of China clearly mentioned that if the United States of America brings about an additional hundred billion dollars in tariffs, the nation of China will also not think twice about fighting back. The ministry added that the Chinese nation is already prepared to give a strong response to the tariffs given to the president of the United States. One of the representatives of the Chinese ministry of commerce said in a news briefing on Friday that the nation of China has no other choice other than immediately fighting back with a very strong response to the trade tariffs imposed by Donald Trump. He added that China feels that the United States is very arrogant and their administration has taken a very wrong decision. The results of this particular decision will hurt them and they should be prepared for it as well. If the United States has imposes a hundred billion dollars in additional tariffs, the Chinese nation is absolutely prepared and will not hesitate to retaliate.

Late on Thursday, the President of the United States Donald Trump instructed the trade representative of the US to consider a hundred billion dollars of additional tariffs against the Chinese nation. Just after the news, the stock index futures were seen to fall very sharply with Dow futures falling off by 200 points on the fears of the counter attack by the nation of China. The representative of the Chinese ministry of commerce said that they believe this to be a battle between unilateralism and multilateralism, a fight between protectionism and free trade. The representative also said that this is not at all good for neither China nor the world and for effectively facing this acute problem it needs to be fought resolutely.

The representative also mentioned that they have prepared with a bottom line mindset and have chalked out a detailed action plan. It was added that the Chinese nation would not begin a war but they would definitely fight back if a war is initiated. He also stated that there was no merit to talk as both the countries were discussing the details about trade behind the scenes and not in front of all. At this point of time, there was no effective or confirmed date of implementation of the planned tariffs by the nation of China was announced. The office of the trade representatives of the United States has planned a hearing about the duties that are proposed on the 15th of May.

January 16, 2022 - 17:14
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