China says North Korea to give up nukes

Kim Jong Un who is the leader of the nation, North Korea has confirmed his policy of denuclearization and he wishes to meet officials of the United States. This is per the Chinese reports on Wednesday after the meeting of the Chinese president, Xi Jinping and the leader of North Korea. The Chinese president promised the North Korean leader that he would be upholding the friendship with its isolated neighbor. After speculation of about two days for both of the nations, China and North Korea confirmed that Kim Jong Un had traveled all the way to Beijing for a meeting with President Xi Jinping during what China referred to as a visit that was unofficial in nature which was from Sunday to Wednesday.

This particular visit to China was the first known visit by the leader of North Korea to any other place outside North Korea since he came to power in the year 2011. The analysts are of the viewpoint that this visit is serving as a preparation for the summits with South Korea and the United States which is upcoming. KCNA news agency of North Korea had not mentioned anything about the pledge taken by Kim for denuclearization or about his anticipated meeting with the president of the United States Donald Trump which is planned in the month of May 2018. China has been secretively the closest ally of the nation of North Korea but the ties have been frayed by its pursuit of nuclear weapons and the backing of the tough sanctions of the United Nations in response by China.

The Foreign Ministry of China cited Kim in a statement that was very lengthy as telling the Chinese president about the situation on the peninsula of Korea was beginning to show signs of improvement because of the fact that the nation of North Korea had taken up the initiative for easing the tension and putting forward the proposals for talks. According to the Ministry, the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un mentioned that they are consistently trying their best to be committed to the agenda of denuclearization on the peninsula in accordance with the wish of the late president Kim Il Sung and late General Secretary Kim Jong Il. He also made it clear that North Korea is ready to talk with the United States and hold a summit between the two countries.

January 16, 2022 - 19:05
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