China steps up pace in new nuclear arms race

The nation of China is very aggressively developing its next generation of nuclear weapons which can be speculated because the nation is conducting at least five tests every month for the stimulation of the nuclear blasts. This is per reports of one of the major Chinese weapons research institutes. The total number of stimulated tests recently by the Chinese nation has even gone past the United States which conducts these tests at an average of less than one per month. Between the month of September 2014 and December 2017, the Chinese nation has carried out about 200 experiments in the laboratories for the purpose of stimulation of extreme physics of a nuclear blast. This is per the reports of the China Academy of Engineering Physics which was released by the Government of China earlier this year and that was reviewed by the South China Morning Post earlier this month.

As per the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in a comparison with the United States, the nation carried out only 50 similar tests between the years 2012 and 2017 which comes to a yearly average of ten. The experts issued a warning that as the nation of China joins the US and Russia in pursuing more targeted nuclear weapons as prevention against potential threats, the looming race for arms would in fact serve the opposite purpose by raising the risk of a nuclear conflict. Officials of the Pentagon have mentioned that the United States wants all its enemies to believe it might actually have to use its weapons of the modern generation as smarter, smaller and tactical warheads which are especially designed to restrict damage by destroying only the specific targets.

But with all of these relatively safer and less destructive weapons on hand, the governments might end up losing the inhibition to use them. Li Jie who is the naval expert based in the Chinese capital of Beijing mentioned to the Post that the use of small warheads will lead to the use of bigger ones. He also added that in spite of the fact that China is very unlikely of actually deploying its nuclear weapons. He stated that if the other countries use nuclear weapons on the Chinese nation, they will have to retaliate. This is the main reason why there is so much research for the development of new weapons.

December 08, 2021 - 06:36
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