Collapse of North Korea Summit Threatens to Deepen US-China Rift

The collapse of the summit of North Korea looms a threat deepening the rift between the two nations, USA and China. The president of the United States, Donald Trump canceled the summit with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un which in turn threatens to further hamper the relationship between the United States and China among an already existing dispute over trade that had coiled with the pressure of the Chinese nation with North Korea. Both nations, China and the United States are also increasingly at odds in the disputed South China Sea. This week, the Pentagon removed an invitation for the Chinese nation for taking part in a major naval exercise in Hawaii. Meanwhile, China has built a lot of pressure on the nation of Taiwan which is self-ruled, armed by Washington but is claimed by Beijing.

On Thursday, the president of the United States, Donald Trump released a letter to the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un he mentioned his withdrawal from the scheduled meeting on the 12th of June in Singapore which would have actually been the first meeting between the two leaders of the two countries. Experts said that although the Chinese media tried their best to continue the meeting between the two nations the move by Donald Trump could trigger the split between the Chinese nation and the United States over the fact of dealing with North Korea and its nuclear weapons. Moreover, this can also add up to the already existing trade disputes which is only after a few days of both nations, China and United States pulling back from the edge of a full-fledged trade war.

Jia Qingguo who is the Dean of the School of International Studies at the Peking University of China mentioned that there are certainly people in the United States who want to use this as an excuse for their efforts in pushing the relationship towards the direction of a confrontation. Jia Qingguo said this when he was referring to the collapse of the summit between Donald Trump and Kim John Un which was scheduled to take place sometime next month. He even added that this is basically one of the lowest points in the relationship between the two nations since the time of normalization of their relations.

December 08, 2021 - 06:20
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