Congress and White House seek budget deal with latest shutdown looming

Congressional leaders and the White House are looking to strike a $1.3 trillion catchall spending bill even after there are many disputes regarding immigration, abortion and the massive rail project that is making Donald Trump stand against his Democratic adversary. They are trying to come to an agreement on Monday before the House vote takes place on Wednesday. To avoid another government shutdown, they need to come to a conclusion by Friday midnight.

The bipartisan measure has political victories for both sides. President Trump and the Republicans are set to gain a budget increase for the Pentagon. The Democrats stand a chance to get funding for the infrastructure for the opioid crisis and many different domestic programs. If the bill goes through, it will lead to an increase of 10 percent for the Pentagon and domestic agencies compared to what they are getting now. Even though most of the funding issues have already been worked out, there are some policy riders that need to be sorted out. One of them is the GOP-led effort to help revive the federal subsidies that would help the poor not pay from their own pocket. Also, a recent problem in the tax bill needs to be taken care of that leads to the subsidizing of grain sales to cooperate at the expense of profitable grain companies.

No 2 Senate Democrat Dick Durbin of Illinois said that he was urging the leaders to come together and understand that an emergency is at hand. More than 780,000 young people are facing difficulty because President Trump decided to put an end to the DACA program. He added that it was necessary for them to bring it back in business soon. Donald Trump has also threatened that he would veto the entire package if the $900 million payment is made for the Hudson River Gateway project. The project would add about $11 billion to help repair the century-old tunnels that are at a risk of being shut down.

There is also a fight over the US-Mexico border wall. Recently, Mr. Trump traveled to California to inspect the prototype for the wall but the $1.6 billion for its design in some sections of Texas is pending. Democrats might be willing to accept the wall funding but are fighting against the increase in the budget for immigration agents and detention beds that would result in large-scale roundups of immigrations living in the US.

January 16, 2022 - 19:17
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