Devin Nunes threatens to impeach Wray and Rosenstein

On Tuesday, Devin Nunes who is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee threatened to impeach the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Christopher Wray and Rod Rosenstein who is the Deputy Attorney General if they fail to turn over the document which in the year 2016 launched the probe of the FBI about the Russian contact with the electoral campaign of the US President Donald Trump. Nunes mentioned on Fox News that they are not just going to hold them in contempt but there will be a plan to hold them in contempt and impeached as well. Nunes is actually very furious with the agencies on the fact of attempting to obtain the two page document which the Federal Bureau of Investigation used to initiate the probe of the Russian contacts with the electoral campaign of the US president Donald Trump.

That particular document is the one that the New York Times reported about in the month of December saying it brought to light that the probe was launched over the fact of an intelligence tip which George Papadopoulos who is a campaign foreign policy aide had unveiled to an Australian diplomat which Russia had obtained dirt on Hillary Clinton. The revelation undercut claimed that the investigation that was carried out had been launched due to the result of a disputed case history by Christopher Steele who is a British spy and whose work was funded indirectly by the campaign of Hillary Clinton and has been rejected by the US president as fiction.

Later Donald Trump and the House Intelligence Committee confirmed that the probe of the nation of Russia was started at the Federal Bureau of Investigation because of George Papadopoulos at the time when a formerly classified memo was released in the month of February. But Nunes stated that the FBI has refused to turn over an un-redacted version of the document of Papadopoulos in spite of a writ ordering him to attend court and demanded stretching it back to the month of August. He then set a new deadline for Wednesday and said that he had told Laura Ingraham, a member of Fox News that the decision on contempt and impeachment would be actually depending on the fact whether Wray and Rosenstein met the new deadline or not. A move for the impeachment of the two of the top officials at the Department of Justice both of whom are appointed by the US president and confirmed by the Senate would actually be a phenomenal confrontation between Congress and federal law enforcement.

January 16, 2022 - 02:57
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