Diaz-Canel replaces Raul Castro as Cuba’s president

On Thursday, Diaz-Canel who is a fifty seven year old bureaucrat replaced Raul Castro as the president of Cuba thereby launching a new era of politics as a government led by a single family for about six decades, trying to make sure a long-term survival of one of the last communist states of the world. It was announced by the National Assembly that Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez has been approved as the only candidate for the post of president of the nation of Cuba. But the 86 year old Raul Castro will still remain the head of the Communist Party which is designated by the constitution as the supreme guiding force of both the society and the state. As a result Raul Castro will be still remain the most powerful person in the nation of Cuba.

The departure of Raul from the post of president is an extremely charged moment for the country that has remained under the absolute leadership of one single family since the time of the revolution which was first led by the revolutionary leader Fidel Castro and his younger brother for the last decade. Raul is basically facing the biological reality of aging. He is still very active and healthy at the same time but he is stepping down from the post of president in an effort of guarantying that the new leaders would be able to maintain a grip of the government on power in the face of economic stagnation, increasing disenchantment among younger generations and an aging population of the nation.

Melissa Mederos who is a 21 year old school teacher stated that she supports the decision taken by the president of Cuba Raul Castro because he has done a lot for the people of the nation but there is a need for rejuvenation in the nation above all. She also added that Diaz Canel needs to work very hard and dedicatedly on the economy because the people of the nation need to live a little better than what they are currently doing. Most of the people in Cuba know that their first vice president to be an uncharismatic personality who up till now maintained a public profile in such a low that it actually seemed to not existing at all. The image started changing when he began to make public appearances.

January 16, 2022 - 19:11
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