Doctors found neurological damage to Americans who served in Cuba

The unusual story circumscribing what officials have referred to as an attack on the diplomatic staff of the United States in Cuba with the help of a 'covert sonic device' has continued to grow further with the first complete and detailed medical study of the affected diplomatic staff. It has been revealed that there are symptoms of injuries which closely resemble the effects of traumatic brain injuries which the doctors are unable to explain. Per CNN, a report on Wednesday in a medical journal named JAMA on 'neurological manifestation' among the diplomatic staff who has reported 'directional audible and sensory phenomena' while he was serving at the embassy of the United States in Cuba. This has actually left the doctors bewildered and they are not sure whether this particular pattern of symptoms can occur in a way that is still unseen without any kind of head trauma.

In a report that was accompanied with the medical journal JAMA given by Dr. Randell Swanson who is also the co author of the journals paper stated that if any person with these symptoms is put into a brain injury clinic without knowing their background, the doctors would be of the impression that the person had a traumatic brain injury for sure. Per the report, the affected diplomatic person reported to be feeling the sensations coming out a particular direction which is actually not possible at this point of time for the determination of dose and duration of exposure. This is because the limitations of patient recall and conflicting accounts.

As noted by CNN, the government of Cuba completely denies involvement of any kind of attacks but still some of the members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee which included Senator Marco Rubio and Bob Menendez raising questions whether this is credible or not. Marco Rubio in particular told CNN that the idea of such an attack in Havana could be conducted by anyone without attracting the attention of security and intelligence agencies of Cuba was actually outside the fact of being reasonable. On the other hand, Rubio had been much quicker for the identification of possible preparatory than the doctors have been able to identify what might have actually happened and the recent improvement in the relations between US and Cuba have deteriorated rapidly.

January 16, 2022 - 02:51
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