Dow Pushes 23000

A great revival in the in the so - called Trump trade has resulted in the investors once again contemplating a completely fresh milestone for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. This time, the most famous and the oldest US equity benchmark is all set to hit 23,000 for the first time in the history notching its straight fourth time 1,000 point climb over the period of last 12 months. This particular climb would be the largest number of such 1,000 point climb within a calendar year in the benchmark's history of over 120 years. This is per the reports of the WSJ Market Data Group. The Dow DJIA at +0.21 percentage remains about just 60 points away from achieving the next milestone and if it happens to clear it within the next 14 sessions of trading, the blue - chip average would notch its third quickest climb to the 1,000 points milestone since the middle of July, this year.

To be on the surer side, the higher the Dow rises, the smaller will be each of the 1000 - point move in the form of percentage. But the climb to the all - time greatest highs has captured the attention of the public even if some of the strategists of the market and bears are concerned that the valuations have risen too high and that too in a very quick span of time. Some of the recent gain has been attributed to the optimism around the president of the United States, Donald Trump plan of taxes. That particular enthusiasm centers on the belief that the president will implement Wall Street boosting measures like deregulation and cuts in the rates of taxes which will give rise to the way for a further clamber high for risk assets.

The volatility of the low stock would not be lasting forever but the low might not end very quickly as well. Since the election of the year 2016, which was won in a shocking fashion by the current president of the United States, Donald Trump over the Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, the Dow has climbed about 28 percent, the S & P 500 index SPX, 0.12 percent has advanced 20 percent, the Nasdaq Composite Index COMP, +0.26% has returned about 27.6%, and a very popular index of the small companies, the Russell 2000 index RUT, +0.57% has jumped 26%. This data is as per early Tuesday trade.

January 16, 2022 - 18:55
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