Fifty Percent of Florida Without Power

The devastating hurricane weakened by a great extent by early Monday and it zeroed in on the region of Tampa Bay after devastating Florida with high-intensity winds, tremendous flood waters and widespread power outages. The fierce speeds of the winds came down to 85 miles per hour which is expected to reduce even further. According to the latest report, at around 2 am EDT, hurricane Irma centered at a distance of about 25 miles to the north east of the Tampa Bay region with a speed of about 15 miles.

Hurricane Irma continues to slog north along the western coast of Florida having already destructed a lot of the peninsula. The communication to Florida was cut and the rough conditions and the after effects of the hurricane still persist across the area. The weather forecasters are of the viewpoint that the center of hurricane Irma would be staying inland over Florida and move into Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. They are also expecting that Irma would further weaken into a type of a tropical storm over the far northern part of Florida or the southern part of Georgia on Monday since it has already increased its forward motion. The weathermen say that the storm still remains life threatening with a dangerous storm surge, torrential rains, and high-intensity winds.

It is estimated that around 3.3 million homes and businesses in Florida have lost power as an effect of hurricane Irma. These widespread power outrages stretch from the Florida Keys to all the way into the central part of Florida. The largest electric utility of the state Florida Power and Light mentioned that about one million customers are without power only in the Miami Dade County. They have also mentioned that the power outrages are expected to further increase as the storm edges towards the northern part. As per a rough estimate, there are about seven million residential customers in the state.

The county administrator of the Florida Keys has stated that the rescue team will begin a house to house search starting Monday morning and help the people who are in need. At the same time, the rescue team will also help to get an estimate of the damage caused by Hurricane Irma. Roman Gastesi, the administrator of Monroe County said that rescue will be arriving on a C – 130 military plane from the morning of Monday.

January 16, 2022 - 03:25
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