Florida to be the Next Target of Irma

Hurricane Irma is heading towards Florida and the current path indicates that two of the nuclear plants would be coming in the direct way of the killer storm. All the officials of the electric company are busy planning expecting the worst scenario. But still they remained unsure whether to shut down or keep both of the nuclear plants open. The spokesperson of Florida Power and Light Peter Robbins clearly mentioned that the shutting down of a nuclear reactor is a gradual process and a correct decision will be made in time before the hurricane finally hits land. Robbins also mentioned that if direct impact is anticipated on either of the facility, both the units will be shut down without any hesitation.

According to the current route of hurricane Irma, the weather is expected to be quite severe in Florida from Saturday which would indicate a complete shutdown of both of the nuclear units before Saturday. Robbins mentioned that the two plants, Turkey Point and St. Lucie are equally protected and effectively protected as well. Florida Power and Light has defended both of these nuclear points for long and will continue to defend in the same way both of which stands along the Atlantic coast and are highly exposed to the very strong winds and surge of hurricanes as always as per the statements of Peter Robbins.

Robbins stated that the nuclear reactors of Turkey Point are encased in big steel - reinforced concrete with a height of six feet that sits at a height of about twenty feet from the level of the sea. Also, Turkey Point has generators for a back - up, extra stock of fuel and all other replacement parts & other materials. The nuclear plant St. Lucie is also equally protected which has the capability of withstanding severe floods and storms. Robbins cited the example of the two hurricanes Frances and Jeanne in the year 2005 and hurricane Wilma in the year 2006 which the nuclear plant St. Lucie survived. Hence, he is confident that both of the nuclear plants will be able to survive hurricane Irma as well. Robbins is definite that even if the plant is under water, which is not a very certain point but still if it happens, the mechanism and the systems are designed in such a way that the nuclear plant will be able to handle it for sure.

January 16, 2022 - 19:03
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