Fresh Hurricane Fresh Destruction in the Caribbean

The year 2017 is hurricane season for the Caribbean which is simply getting hit by all the hurricanes one after the another. The killer hurricane, Irma that devastated the Caribbean islands and the people has not even recovered from its losses and yet another hurricane, Maria has started punishing the island again. On Tuesday, hurricane Maria raked across the Caribbean island with high intensity winds about a speed of 160 miles per hour. To the north, hurricane Jose churned on a way of brushing the coast of the north east with raging surfs and strong gusts of winds. Hurricane Maria strengthened to a Category 5 storm on Tuesday after it had made a landfall on the island of Dominica. The storm has the potential to cause widespread destruction all along its path from the Lesser Antilles through Puerto Rico which includes some of the areas already battered earlier this month by the killer Hurricane Irma.

The National Hurricane Centre stated on Tuesday that hurricane Maria will remain an extremely dangerous hurricane of Category 5 or Category 4 while it comes closer to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. On the other hand, hurricane Jose is capable of producing coastal floods and damaging winds from the eastern part of Long Island to coastal Massachusetts. The effect of this particular hurricane is most likely to be similar to those of a nor'easter instead of a fully fledged hurricane. Hurricane Maria has intensified at a rapid pace which is all set to create a disastrous scenario on the island. The hurricane had made landfall on the island of Dominica at 9.35 pm on Monday which has already caused widespread damage. This particular storm is the first Category 5 in history that has struck.

The prime minister of the country, Roosevelt Skerrit, stated in a Facebook post that all the things that we have lost can again be bought by money. He also added that the main focus is on rescuing the ones who are trapped and to provide the required medical assistance for the ones who are injured. He promised that all kinds of help would be definitely provided to the ones who are in need. The hurricane center stated that fluctuations in intensity are possible as the storm makes its way to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico by Tuesday night and into Wednesday.

January 16, 2022 - 03:40
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