Fresh Remarks by North Korea

On Monday, North Korea had told other countries to avoid participating in military action with the United States for the avoidance of retaliation and at the same time warned that a nuclear war can break out at any moment. This threat was issued at the United Nations where Kim In Ryong, the Deputy UN Ambassador prepared the remarks for a discussion on nuclear weapons at a UN committee. But he ended up not reading the threat out loud. According to Reuters, the ambassador of North Korea said that as long as one does not take part in the military actions of the United States against North Korea, we have no intention to use any nuclear weapons or threaten for a nuclear war against any of the other countries. This is what ambassador Kim In Ryong had said in the United Nation during the preparation of remarks.

The statement clearly mentioned that the entire mainland of the United States is within firing range and if the military of the United States dares to invade the sacred territory of North Korea even by an inch, it will have to face severe punishment in any part of the world. The statement was quite firm and rough which clearly denoted the courage of North Korea along with making their intentions very clear to all. The confrontation between the United States and North Korea has reached great height which was clear with results of the nuclear missile tests aimed to threaten the allies of the United States in the region and also due to the hostile exchanges between Donald Trump, the president of the United States and the dictator of North Korea Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un has already told the disarmament committee of the United Nations that North Korea is the only country that is being threatened by such a direct and extreme threat from the United States. He also accused the government of the United States of trying to conduct a secret operation which was particularly aimed at the removal of our supreme leadership. The North Korean official told the committee that unless the hostile policy and the nuclear threat of the United States are completely eradicated, we will never put our nuclear weapons & the ballistic rockets on the negotiation table under any circumstances. North Korea seemed to be firm on their decisions against the United States.

January 16, 2022 - 17:42
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