GOP wants Trump in 2020, more popular than Obama, JFK, Reagan

Republican voters are in clear demand that the US President Donald Trump should be running for re-election in the year 2020. This is basically the latest proof of support among the supporters of Donald Trump which is much stronger than it was for every president in recent past such as Obama, John F Kennedy and Regan. Per the latest poll, more than about 68 percent of Republicans are clearly demanding that Donald Trump should be running for re-election in the year 2020. John Zogby who is one of the Democratic pollsters mentioned this week that the former president of the United States George W Bush was more popular as compared to the popularity of Donald Trump among his support base going into his first election of the mid-term and that he has just started a war against the attackers who were responsible for the attacks of 9/11.

The approval ratings of Donald Trump within his own party is extremely high. If it is closely watched, then it can be easily understood that more than about 87 percent of Republicans gave him an approval rating by which it can be clearly understood what enormous support the president of the United States has among his supporters. At a similar point of time during his presidency, Barack Obama had about 79 percent approval rating among the Democrats. The only president of the United States at this point of time during his time of presidency to outscore Donald Trump was none other than George W Bush who had about 95 percent approval rating and off course by this point of time they had launched the war in the nation of Iraq Ronald Reagan was not this high and neither was Jack Kennedy of the GOP is the party of the US president Donald Trump.

No supporters of the antics of the president, Zogby who is a pollster and also the co-author of the weekly Secrets presidential report card published on Saturday told the foreign press that the disruptive tactics of the US president are working for him. Zogby said that Donald Trump is the disruptor-in-chief and along with this he is quite unconventional, frank, anti-elite and erratic which is actually working best for the president of the United States in the present times.

January 16, 2022 - 03:16
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