Georgia governor race a test for Democrats

The race for Governor in Georgia is where two democrats Stacey Abrams and Stacey Evans are facing each other. Both of the Democrats in the race for governor in Georgia are lawyers and previously legislators of the state. It is very very difficult to tell them apart and both of them have their first name in common as well. But on the path of victory to the governor's race they sharply disagree.

Stacey Abrams who is 44 years of age is eager to become the first African American female governor in the United States by the mobilization of the solidly of black Democratic voters who occasionally vote in the elections for the formation of a winning coalition with the white liberals. The other competitor, Stacey Evans who is 39 years of age is of the viewpoint that math does not add up without the appeal to the moderates who are white and many of them outside the urban areas who had voted for the current US president Donald Trump in the election of the previous year in the month of November. Evans is basically trying to highlight her crossover appeal as a suburban mother who is white but who has roots in the country.

Due to their divergent strategies, there is the rise of a wider debate within the Democratic Party which has grown much louder after a pretty strong turnout by minority voters who had played a vital role in the powering up of the recent Democratic victories in Alabama and Virginia. As the party prepares for the congressional elections in the year that is approaching, there is a disagreement over which the voters have to spend both more time and money on the minority voters who are growing up fast to be a share of the electorate but do not cast ballots very reliably, or the blue-collar and suburban whites who just sway between the parties.

In an interview with liberal activist groups, some of the donors and testing of records of campaign finance make it quite clear that a number of people are betting on the strategy of Abrams as the best shot for the turning of a Republican state. Emphasizing the stakes in Georgia is actually the unusual attention from the national groups who are seeking to push the party farther left. The level of support for Abrams is largely unparalleled among the other 2018 gubernatorial and several other congressional races.

January 16, 2022 - 19:00
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