Gov. Rick Scott to run for US Senate in Florida

Governor of Florida Rick Scott referred to Washington as horribly dysfunctional and has directly challenged US Senator Bill Nelson in an election which could actually be one of the most expensive and most watched political races in the US. The Republican governor was expected to criticize the politicians of the state and call for their term limits for the members of Congress at the time of his formal announcement for the election campaign on Monday. Rick Scott in his remarks mentioned, in his announcement in Orlando that he admits the fact that the state of Washington has become horribly dysfunctional. He also stated that Washington is full of old thinking and the state is just tired. The truth is that both political parties in the state share the same political blame. Scott also stated that Washington has tried a lot of things but unfortunately it did not work. Scott added that he does not believe in the idea that Washington cannot be changed.

Scott is basically a multi-millionaire businessman who had never run for office in his successful race for the post of governor in the year 2010. He campaigned as part of the tea party movement and also called for massive budget & cuts in the rates of taxes but he was forced to withdraw his plans among the opposition from the Legislature that was being controlled by the GOP. Scott also changed his hard-line position on the deal of immigration. Rick Scott is leaving his office because of the term limits and had been urged to challenge Nelson, who is Florida's only statewide - elected Democrat of Florida by President of the United States Donald Trump.

The Democrats were aware of this and have been anticipating Scott's move for a few months and have ramped up their criticism, noting that Rick Scott had been forced out as the chief executive of Columbia/HCA among a fraud investigation by the FBI. Although Scott has never ever been charged with any kind of wrongdoing, the health care conglomerate paid about 1.7 billion dollars for a fine for Medicare fraud which actually became a record at that point in time. The Democrats also planned to fault Rick Scott over his record while he was the governor which included his initial push for the cutting of deep budgets of education and also his back & forth on the position regarding whether to expand Medicaid or not.

January 16, 2022 - 17:52
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