HBO and Netflix Battle

At the time when Netflix Inc tried to persuade comedian Jerrod Carmichael to leave HBO for doing some stand-up specials, the executives of HBO simply swung into action. The executives of HBO told Mr. Carmichael that Netflix, which is indulging on television production and has a massive stable of content and would not be able to tend to Mr. Carmichael properly. Casey Bloys who is the HBO Programming President stated that if one has 50 kids, one is not going to every soccer game. We go to all games and we are the parents at each of the games of soccer. This is actually the way we treat our talent.

HBO is regarded as the gold standard in quality content in the overall entertainment industry which is currently adapting to a new era, when competitors from the tech world are shelling out a huge sum of money into original programming and attracting top talent away from traditional television stalwarts. As the platforms accumulate large stock content, HBO is resisting the impulse to bulk it up, getting fussy and hard to please about its programming, cutting down its development pipeline and accepting the idea that it would not offer to pay a higher price on the field for each & every single hot prospect. Richard Plepler who is the Chief Executive of HBO said that they are not trying to do the most. He also added that more is not better, the only thing that is better is better and nothing else. There are a lot of risks involved in being choosy, HBO could miss out on hits that go to competitors and if it places fewer bets as compared to the streaming giants, it cannot afford a prolonged streak of flops.

Netflix which is quite large and the biggest force that shelled out about an estimated six billion dollars in the previous year for launching about 30 new original shows and is expected to spend about eight billion dollars in the current year. Amazon had spent an estimated 4.5 billion dollars on original and acquired programming in the year 2017 while on the other hand Hulu had spent about 2.5 billion dollars. This is in comparison with 2.7 billion dollars spent on programming and five shows that was launched at HBO in the previous year.

January 16, 2022 - 03:24
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