Harvey Weinstein Forced to Quit after Case of Sexual Harassment Filed Against Him

The co-founder and Chairman of Weinstein Co, Harvey Weinstein, has been asked to step down from his own company after sexual harassment allegations. Harvey is one of the more prominent power brokers in Hollywood and is known to be the one to shape American films. The company will be led by his brother, Bob, who is also co-chairman and David Glasser, the COO of the company. Bob and Harvey own 42 percent of the company, and it is still not decided what would happen to Harvey's share.

In an email statement sent to news channels, the company said that the Board of Directors had unanimously taken the decision that it was best for Harvey Weinstein to exit the company after reports of his misconduct came to light in the past few days. The company, as well as Harvey, has not responded to any questions so far. Lance Maerov, one of the four board members of the company, said that with the new information about Harvey's misconducts appearing, it seems that he has broken the code of conduct of the company and for that reason, he has been asked to quit.

According to the said email, Harvey Weinstein would be taking a leave of absence immediately. Recently, the New York Times had published a report where it was claimed that Harvey had made at least eight settlements with women so far who had all accused him of sexual harassment and forced physical contact with them in the past 30 years. The sexual harassment allegations against Harvey is mainly by actresses and former employees of the company Weinstein and Miramax, an old company that Bob and Harvey founded together and then sold it to Disney.

Harvey Weinstein is well known for producing films such as Shakespeare in Love and Chicago that have won Oscars. He was also one of the main donors to Democrats in the 2016 general election. The company has said to have started their own internal investigation to look further into the claims.

January 16, 2022 - 17:31
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