Hezbollah says 'new phase' in war with Israel after strikes

On Monday, Hezbollah who is the leader of Lebanon stated that a barrage of rockets from the nation of Syria against the forces of Israel will be taking place in the occupied Goal Heights in the previous week will be opening up a fresh phase in the ongoing conflict. He even sent a warning that Israel could be the next target for the action of the returning military attack. Hassan Nasrallah who is the current secretary general of Hezbollah mentioned that the nation of Israel has been informed through an international body that the action of the returning military attack inside Israel will be taking place if it goes beyond a certain limit in Syria without providing any kind of specifics. On Thursday, the nation of Israel unleashed a heavy bombardment against what it stated were Iranian military installations in Syria.

It also mentioned that it was actually the action of the returning military attack for an Iranian rocket barrage on its positions in the Golan. It was basically one of the most serious military confrontations between two of the bitterest enemies till date. Hassan Nasrallah in a televised speech to a rally in Beirut did not mention the name of who actually carried out the firing of the rocket into the garden. He also added that this particular qualitative rocket attack basically establishes a completely new phase in the ongoing conflict with the nation of Israel. The main area of resistance to the nation of Iran and its allies Syria, Hezbollah and other allied armed groups in the region.

Hassan Nasrallah also said that Israel has downplayed its losses in the strikes in which he stated that about 55 rockets hit the military targets in the Golan. This happened for the first time since the nations of Israel and Syria had reached a stop fire situation and a disengagement agreement in the year 1974. Israel had stated that it had downed about 20 rockets coming from the Syrian nation. Nasrallah also mentioned that the action of the returning military attack by Israel mostly hit a number of posts in Syria which had already been evacuated at that time. He added that the Syrian air defenses downed a number of missiles of the nation of Israel. He stated that the barrage actually broke the prestige of Israel and that particular attack was the response of Israel against the Gaza protests on Mondays showing that it is far from being ready to face its opponents.

January 16, 2022 - 03:49
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