House Speaker Ryan won't seek re-election

The house speaker of the United States, Paul Ryan who is the top Republican in Congress told Republicans on Wednesday, in the House of Representatives that he will not be seeking re-election which is scheduled in the month of November 2018. Brendan Buck who is the spokesperson for House speaker Paul Ryan mentioned in a statement that Ryan will be serving his full term of office and retire in the month of January. Buck also stated that after spending time of nearly twenty years in the House Ryan is very proud of all his accomplishments and now he has decided to spend more time being a father and a husband. This particular departure of Ryan who is presently 48 years of age could give rise to some complications in the efforts of the Republican Party for retaining the House in the month of November where the candidates might be dragged down by the unpopularity of US president Donald Trump.

The announcement of the departure of Paul Ryan way ahead of the time of elections would give potential candidates for the House Republican positions quite a lot of time for organizing a campaign for gaining support. The reports of the departure of Ryan have been actually circulating for a few months per the reports given by Politico in the month of December that Ryan had told confidants that he is thinking of retirement after the congressional elections of the year 2018. As per the Axios news site which was the first one to report on Wednesday that Paul Ryan would very soon be announcing his retirement mentioned by friends of Ryan referred to him as a champion of reformation of taxes was actually ready to step down from his position after passing a bill of tax reform.

The tax bill was the first major legislative victory of US president Donald Trump since Ryan took office in January 2017 in spite of being helped by the Republican control of Congress. The lawmakers had actually expected that Paul Ryan might leave Congress if the Republicans happen to lose the House. The early announcement could have an impact on the ability of Ryan to raise campaign funds for Republican candidates. More than about three dozen House Republicans have mentioned about their retirement or have mentioned about going to another office or simply putting forward their resignation.

January 16, 2022 - 04:06
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