Japan says North Korea threat is Critical

On Monday, the defense minister of Japan Itsunori Onodera had told his US and South Korean counterparts in talks on Monday that the threat from North Korea has grown into a critical and at an imminent level. These remarks from Itsunori Onodera have given rise to deep concern in Tokyo after nuclear tests were carried out by North Korea which included the test firing of missiles over Japan. Additionally, North Korea seeks to develop a nuclear-tipped missile which is capable of reaching to the United States of America and further increased the tension to a great extent. The comments from Itsunori Onodera broke from measured language by the US defense secretary Jim Mattis and the defense minister of South Korea Song Young - Moo, as these three men met on the sidelines at a gathering of Asian defense chiefs in the Philippines on Monday.

The defense secretary of the United States Jim Mattis said during the start of the discussion in the Philippines on Monday through a translator that the threat from North Korea is growing in an abnormal level which is extremely critical and is forthcoming. For this reason, calibrated and different responses are required to be taken to meet with that type of threat effectively. The defense minister of South Korea Song Young - Moo also acknowledged the fact that the provocative behavior of North Korea is getting worse day by day. He said this in public remarks before the reporters were escorted out of the room where the meeting was being held in the Philippines. Jim Mattis renewed sharp criticism on the nuclear tests conducted by North Korea stating that they are threatening both regional and global security.

Mattis had canceled a week-long trip to the region on Monday, and he has been extremely eager to put a lot of pressure on the diplomatic efforts for the resolution of this particular crisis in a peaceful manner. The main reason behind this is due to the fact of the increasing tension between the United States and North Korea which has increased the fears of an armed confrontation. When Jim Mattis was asked about his discussion with the defense minister of Japan Itsunori Onodera earlier in the day in front of the South Korean defense minister Song Young – Moo, he said that they had discussed how to maintain stability and peace in support of the diplomats.

January 16, 2022 - 03:21
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