Judicial Nominations of Trump Has a Major Impact

The president of the United States has nominated 50 candidates for lifetime appointments to the federal bench which includes a man who had asserted transgender children as pieces of evidence of Satan's plan. That particular man was deemed unqualified by the American Bar Association and also by a handful of prolific bloggers, the GOP has unanimously struck the judges of Donald Trump. The Senate Republicans have cleared the judicial nominees at a much rapid clip this year, even as the base of the conservative has complained that they are not moving sufficiently fast. But current plans are to pick up even more pace in the months to come. Among the more surprising event in the nomination of the judges is the nomination of Charles Goodwin to the federal bench in Oklahoma. He became the first judicial nominee since the year 2006 to earn a not qualified tag from the American Bar Association which has been screening the judicial candidates since the 1950s.

Both of the Republican home-state senators of Charles Goodwin, James Lankford and Jim Inhofe are still very much confident that Goodwin is adequately qualified for serving on the bench and dismissed the findings of the American Bar Association. Lankford has mentioned that Goodwin is a solid jurist and he is trying to find out the reasons for the rating the American Bar Association has given him. According to one of the most reliable politics newsletter, the process of finding the reasons by James Lankford and Jim Inhofe are extremely secretive in nature and they do not reveal much about the decisions. Inhofe added that he personally feels that he knows Goodwin very well and took this very seriously. He is sure that there is some reason for the rating that the American Bar Association gave Goodwin which he is not able to understand.

The defense underscores the commitment of the Republicans to remake the federal judiciary for generations to come, even as the Senate GOP and Trump have been banging their heads on some other issues and struggled to proceed with their broader legislative agenda. On Monday, Donald Trump said during a news conference with Mitch McConnell who is the Senate Majority Leader that the judge story is an untold story. None of the Republican Senators have voted against the judicial nominees of Donald Trump so far this year neither in committee nor in confirmation votes on the floor.

January 16, 2022 - 18:25
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