Justice Department Sues California

Late on Tuesday, the administration of the president of the United States Donald Trump sued the state of California in federal district court over its designation of the sanctuary city. The administration argued the law of federal immigration which was an attempt for the prevention of three of the laws of the state. The department of justice made a note in a statement that one of the three laws prevents employees of private firms from voluntarily cooperating with immigration officials and mandates the employers to give the employees advanced notice of a potential worksite enforcement inspection. Xavier Becerra who is the Attorney General of California named one defendant in the lawsuit and stated that after the law came into effect on the 1st of January 2018 he would be prosecuting anyone who violates the particular law by voluntarily cooperating with the efforts of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Xavier later told the employers that under the new rules and regulations, they cannot voluntarily grant the agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement physical access to the areas of the worksite that are non-public or to the records of the employees without the trigger of legal punishments. The second law of California has challenged both local and state law enforcement officials from letting federal immigration agents know about the date of release of criminal aliens and prevents the employees of the state from transferring criminal aliens to federal custody in an exception to narrow the circumstances around their annex and transfer to the facility. This particular law also needs the facilities of detention for providing the officials of the state to access the federal records that are confidential.

The Department of Justice argues in its complaints regarding the three laws AB 450, SB 54, and AB 103 which was the actual reason of conflict with the federal immigration law and are hence invalid under the Supremacy Clause. Now along with the complaint, the department of justice filed a motion for a preliminary injunction, the intention of which is to stop the enforcement of the state of California statutes until the lawsuit is played out in court. This particular case was assigned to Judge John A. Mendez, who was appointed to the bench by the former President of the United States George W. Bush who confirmed to the service on the Eastern District of California court way back in the year 2008. The parties have been given orders for filing a stipulated briefing schedule by Friday but on the agreement being absent, the court will set a briefing schedule and date of hearing.

January 16, 2022 - 03:58
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