Justice Department sues California over Sanctuary Laws

The department of justice sues California over the laws of Sanctuary. More than a year after the defense against a swirl of legal challenges of immigration policies of the president of the United States, the department of justice finally went on offence on Tuesday by filing a suit against the state of California which alleges the obstruction of federal immigration enforcement. The lawsuit was filed in a federal court in Sacramento which targets three of the laws that are focused on the sanctuaries. These laws were passed by the legislature of California in the previous year. Each of the three laws were passed as a part of a counter reaction against the vows made by the US president, Donald Trump for stepping up immigration enforcement.

This particular process of taking legal action is basically modeled on a lawsuit which was filed by the administration of the former US president, Barack Obama in the year 2010 against a controversial state law in Arizona which sought to crack down on the immigrants who are illegal. That case actually resulted in a ruling of the Supreme Court finding that some provisions of the Arizona law unconstitutionally infringed the rights of Congress for setting federal immigration policy. Jeff Sessions who is the Attorney General traveled to California on Wednesday morning in an attempt to put forward the new lawsuit in a speech to law enforcement officials in Sacramento.

The Department of Justice and the administration of the US president, Donald Trump are going to fight these unfair, unjust and unconstitutional policies that have been imposed. This is what Jeff Sessions will be actually telling the California Peace Officers Association in the meeting. This is per exerts of his planned remarks. Jeff Sessions stated that they are going to fight for making jobs of the people safe and at the same time help the people in the reduction of crime in America. Sessions sounded pretty confident when he said he believes that they will definitely win. Jerry Brown who is the governor of California and Xavier Becerra who is the Attorney General were named as defendants in the lawsuit and they denounced action taken by the administration of the US president. Jerry Brown mentioned on Twitter that at a time of unequalled political turmoil Jeff Sessions has come to California for further dividing and polarizing America. He also mentioned that these stunts by Sessions might be the rule in Washington but would not work in California.

January 16, 2022 - 19:17
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