Mueller indicated Trump under investigation

Robert Mueller III who is the special counsel made it clear to the attorneys of the president of the United States in the previous month that he is still continuing to investigate the US President. But he also mentioned that at this point of time, he is not considering him as a criminal. This is as per reports of three of the people who are familiar with the discussion. In a private negotiation held in the previous month Mueller described Donald Trump as a subject of his investigation into the interference of the nation of Russia in the elections of the year 2016. Prosecutors generally view someone as a subject when that particular person is engaged in conduct that is under the process of investigation but there is not enough proof for bringing charges.

Robert Mueller III also told the attorneys of the US president that he is preparing a report regarding the action of the president while in office and potential obstruction of justice. This is per the reports of two of the people who have adequate knowledge about the overall conversation. Both of the people said that Mueller repeated the need of conducting an interview with Donald Trump for a clear understanding whether he had any kind of corrupt intent of preventing the investigation of Russia and for completing this part of the probe. The description given by Mueller about the status of the US President has given rise to some misunderstanding between the inner circle of Donald Trump as his legal advisers have debated his legal standing.

The President and some of his allies have grasped on the words of the special counsel as an assurance that the risk of criminal danger of Trump is on the lower side. However, other advisers noted that the subjects of investigations can easily become the indicted targets, which is why they expressed their concern that the special prosecutor was taunting Donald Trump into an interview which could put the president in some kind of greater legal danger. John Dowd who is the top attorney of the president dealing with the probe of Mueller had resigned in the previous month among the disputes regarding the strategy and frustration that the president had paid no attention to his advice for the refusal of the request of the special counsel for an interview. This is according to a friend of Donald Trump.

January 16, 2022 - 18:48
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