NBC News fires Matt Lauer for sexual misconduct

The very popular show of NBC News named 'Today' fired its co-host Matt Lauer after receiving a detailed complaint from a colleague regarding inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. This is per reports of the network on Wednesday. The chairman of NBC News Andrew Lack said that after doing some serious review regarding the complaint that was received on Monday night; it was revealed that the incident was a clear violation of the standards of the company. In a statement by Lack, he said that we have decided to terminate the employment of Matt Lauer and it was the first complaint that they had received about him in the twenty years he has been associated with NBC News.

Moreover, they were also presented with the reason to believe that this particular incident may not have been an isolated one. The agent of Matt Lauer Ken Lindner did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Reuters was not able to independently confirm the accusation against Lauer. This particular news was announced by the other co-anchors of 'Today' Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb at the start of the talk show which has been a staple of US morning television for more than about six decades that, NBC says, averages more than 4 million viewers.

Guthrie said that this is an extremely sad morning at 'Today' and at NBC News who was literally shaken by this incident. He also mentioned that the news about the incident was learned just a few moments ago and you can imagine how devastated they all are at this moment. Most importantly, the statement by Lack did not mention the name of who made the accusation but he said that all are extremely saddened by the incident that has taken place. He said that we will have to face this together as a news organization and we plan to do it in a transparent manner. During Wednesday's show, the NBC News reporter Stephanie Gosk said that the colleague had accused Lauer of serious misconduct throughout the year of 2014. A representative of NBC News did not respond to a request for sharing more details.

January 16, 2022 - 18:40
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