Newly Formed Hurricane Moving Towards East Coast, Areas on High Alert

A freshly formed hurricane called Irma is revolving around the western Atlantic and is moving towards the United States. The residents of the Gulf and the East coast of the United States need be on high alert as suggested by the weather department. Irma has the ability to simply devastate the whole northern Caribbean with abnormal flooding and severely damaging winds which can create life threatening conditions on the island. According to the latest weather report, a similar scenario could happen in the Gulf and the East Coast of the United States at the end of this week or early next week. This happening totally depends on the route that Irma takes but weathermen have already warned residents to be prepared.

The newly formed hurricane has a high potential of being a major event for the Gulf and the East coast. Expert and senior chief meteorological officer said that these types of events one after the other could have a severe impact on the resources of the emergency management agency. He also mentioned that there is a high chance of landfall in Florida, Carolina or Georgia and Irma has the possibility of heading towards the eastern Gulf of Mexico. On the other hand, if Irma takes a route which tends towards the south, the southern part of Florida is expected to be soaked in heavy rainfall. This scenario is more likely to occur as per the current position and future tendency of Irma.

Now if Irma moves more towards the south and the west, the Florida Panhandle would come under the risk of being highly effected. Another possible situation is that if Irma takes a curve towards the north, then it will completely miss the East Coast of the United States. But it would definitely generate a large surf which will rip currents all along the East Coast. The meteorological officer has said that this situation is the least likely one to occur as per the current position and tendency of Irma.

On Monday afternoon, the government of Florida has already declared a state of emergency as per the anticipation of Irma. An emergency was also declared in Puerto Rico earlier today. It is mentioned that the exact path of hurricane Irma till the end of this week remains uncertain and it is extremely difficult to predict since it depends on a number of moving parts in the atmosphere. We need to wait till the end of this week to anticipate the movement of Irma.

January 16, 2022 - 02:55
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