North Korea agrees to send athletes to Winter Olympics

North Korea has finally agreed to send a delegation of athletes as well as supporters to the Winter Olympics which is all set to be held in the coming month in South Korea. This news was announced on Tuesday during the talks regarding the participants of the Seoul Olympics. It was also mentioned that there was no full confirmation of the news from North Korea but the announcement was a positive signal from North Korea and that it was willing to send participants to the Winter Olympics which will begin on the 9th of February 2018 in Pyeong Chang.

The talks are still going on but the provisional or unconfirmed agreement that has come forward is a very rare moment of a general agreement among the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un who does not maintain a friendly relation with its immediate southern neighbor nor with any other country in the world. Chun Hae-Sung who is the vice minister of unification mentioned in an interview with reporters at the Panmunjom truce village situated on the border between North Korea and South Korea that North Korea will be sending a delegation which is high level in nature which and will include representatives of the Olympic committee, a group of art performance, a squad for cheering, some demonstrators of taekwondo and the press.

These particular talks were carried out in a building located on the southern side which is known as the 'Peace House'. This has resulted in the unusual sight of a northern delegation who has stepped over the concrete curb which marks the border between North and South Korea. The Representatives from both of the nations sat down at Panmunjom truce village for their first talks since two years.

Per the reports of South Korea that came from inside the room, Ri Son Kwon who is the chief representative of North Korea had mentioned at the beginning of the session of talks hopes that both of the Koreas can hold the talks with a manner which is both genuine and sincere at the same time. He also mentioned that similar to the continuous flow of water under the thick frozen ice, the strong desire of the people for these particular talks and the improved relations between both of the Koreas cannot be frozen or stopped by any chance.

January 16, 2022 - 19:13
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