North Korea defectors have radiation exposure

A number of defectors of North Korea who resided near the nuclear testing site of the Hermit Kingdom showed symptoms of suspected exposure to radiation. This is per the government of South Korea who said that the findings that followed the previous warnings from the experts that this crumbling site of nuclear testing could result in causing radioactive contamination in the particular area. Researchers also added that they are not a hundred percent sure and hence they cannot confirm the fact that the exposure to the radiation that was found in four of the defectors was completely related to the site at Punggye Ri which is the place where North Korea had conducted all six of the nuclear tests. The Yonhap News Agency reported this news by referring to the spokesman of South Unification Ministry, Baik Tae-Hyun.

Since the month of October, the researchers are conducting a number of health check-ups on thirty of the defectors out of the total of one hundred and fourteen defectors who used to live in Kilju County, which is the venue of the nuclear tests conducted by North Korea. Former residents of North Korea had fled to South Korea before the conduction of the fourth nuclear test, by the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, in January 2016. There are four defectors in whom the researchers have found to have the abnormality of the chromosome that might have been caused by an exposure to the radiation. At the same time, the ministry also added the fact that a number of other factors also could not be eliminated completely. This is in accordance to the Yonhap News Agency.

An official of the ministry mentioned that one of the defector's abnormalities could be the result of his smoking habits and also his old age. The other two of the defectors showed no meaning on the basis of statistics. The fourth defector, there was no sufficient information which could lead to a satisfactory and proper conclusion. The ministry official also mentioned that here the possibility of an exposure to radiation can be suspected but it has not been completely verified that whether the radiation was from the nuclear tests has affected the persons or not. This is mainly due to the fact that there is no sufficient information available for the assessment of the living environments in North Korea. The government of South Korea said that more radiation tests would be conducted on the defectors to come to a definite conclusion.

January 16, 2022 - 18:13
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