North Korea shipping chemical weapons supplies to Syria

The nation of North Korea has supplied materials and ingredients to the government of Syria which can be used for manufacturing chemical weapons. This particular news is revealed by the investigators of the United Nations. This disclosure is confidential and is actually a report consisting of 200 pages as seen by the New York Times which comes as the United States and the other countries have accused the nation of Syria for the use of chemical weapons on its own civilians which includes a suspected attack of chlorine gas in Eastern Ghouta in the previous few days. This particular report also indicates the presence of some major flaws in the international efforts for the isolation of both of the countries. In addition to this, the new evidence could diminish the efforts for bringing North Korea to the negotiating table which might be followed by an increasingly hostile relationship at the South Korean Winter Olympics.

The materials that were provided by North Korea has been reported to include acid-resistant tiles, valves, and thermometers. Moreover, the investigators also included the sightings of technicians of the nation of North Korea working at chemical weapons and missile facilities inside Syria in detail. These detailed reports actually happen to confirm fears that have standing for a long period of time that the nation of North Korea might be funding its own weapons of mass destruction program by trading its technological expertise with some third parties. Moreover, it also supports the suspicions at the time of the beginning of the Syrian civil war in the year 2011 that President Bashar al-Assad has been assisted by the regime of North Korea.

The possible components of chemical weapons were actually a part of at least 40 previous shipments which went unreported from North Korea to Syria between the years 2012 and 2017 of prohibited parts of ballistic missile and several other materials that could be used either for civilian or military purposes. The United Nations did not comment on the report that was written by a panel which consisted of eight experts who were given the task of checking compliance with the sanctions of the nation of North Korea. It might not be released to the public but at the same time, a spokesperson stressed that the comprehensive message is the responsibility and duty of all the members of the states to act in accordance with the sanctions that are in place.

January 16, 2022 - 03:23
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