North Korean media hails summit as Trump presses for full denuclearization

On Friday, a senior official of the nation of Russia said that the nation will be standing by the nuclear deal of Iran and develop much closer ties with Iran if the president of the United States Donald Trump withdraws from the agreement on the 12th of May 2018. Vladimir Yermakov who is the Director General of the Department for Non-Proliferation and Arms Control at the Foreign Ministry of the nation of Russia told reporters that a withdrawal from the 2015 accord which is known as JCPOA by the United States of America does not necessarily mean the end of the deal. He also mentioned that it might be easier for the nation on the economic front because they would not have any limits on the economic cooperation with the nation of Iran. He said Russia would be developing bilateral relations in all areas such as transport, energy, medicine and high tech etc.

The president of the United States who is a long-time critic of the deal struck by the major powers of the world has threatened to withdraw from the deal unless a follow-on agreement is reached to fix it, which Donald Trump refers to as the flaws. Vladimir Yermakov stated that if the United States of America breaks an international agreement which is backed by the United Nations Security Council resolutions it will be the United States who should be suffering the consequences and no other nations like China, Iran, Russia or the European nations should be losing out on this.

He clearly stated that Russia would be continuing to uphold all its obligations under the deal if it was able to do so and at the same time would be continuing to adhere to if JCPOA was in the interest of Russia. In terms of international security, it was best to keep the deal alive. At the time of attending a nuclear non-proliferation conference in Geneva Vladimir Yermakov said that there was no other valid reason for Iran for pulling out of the deal and the position it was in was actually quite strong because it completely met all of its obligations he also mentioned that it is not in the interest of anybody that the nation if Iran goes back to the kind of development in its nuclear programs with which all other states would be worried about. But the fact is that Iran is completely entitled to develop a peaceful nuclear energy.

January 16, 2022 - 04:00
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