Northeastern US braces for intense cold

State crews in the northeastern part of the United States raced through the night into Friday morning clearing the streets that were blocked with snow. This happened after a blizzard which was very powerful came through. The crews worked hard the entire night for the restoration of power to homes ahead of a severely cold spell which has already been the cause of the deaths of a dozen of people. From Baltimore to Caribou and Maine, the crews' efforts were underway for the clearing of the roadways of ice and snow as severely cold temperatures were to plunge during the day, reaching about -40 degrees Fahrenheit in some parts after the sun down. This is per the National Weather Service.

This extreme cold was previously forecasted to reach from New England across to the Midwest and then down to the Carolinas. Forecasters have already sent a warning that all records of the lowest temperatures could be broken across the broad region in the days to come. Dan Pydynowski who is a meteorologist with a private forecasting service Accuweather said that in the greater part of New England will have maximum temperatures in the single digits and in the teens during the day. He also said that the cold will be further extending down to the states in the mid-Antarctic region.

Dan Pydynowski states that it could be extremely dangerous for any part of the skin that is exposed and can result in frostbite in a matter of just a few minutes. Officials of Massachusetts transportation said that the brutal cold also readily increased the risk that road salt would not work to melt ice which could possibly be leaving highway crews to shift over to sanding roads for the improvement of traction.

The utility companies throughout the East worked repairing the power lines that were downed early on Friday as about more than over 31,000 customers had to remain without electricity, down from almost 80,000 as per the data of the previous day. Moreover, they issued warnings that temperatures may become ridiculously low. The National Grid power company that provides power to Massachusetts stated on Twitter that if the temperature in the homes begins to lower it is recommended to take shelter in some other place until the power supply is restored. They even mentioned that people find warming centers by contacting local authorities.

January 16, 2022 - 03:09
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