Oklahoma develops strategy to end teachers strike

The senate of Oklahoma is all set to debate on the package of rise in the taxes on Friday for the purpose of raising funds with the hope of stopping a strike that has been going on for a week by its public and school teachers who are actually some of the lowest paid educators in the country. The strike began on Monday and has affected more than about half a million of students. This particular strike comes after a strike which was successful in West Virginia in the previous month that ultimately ended with a increment in the salary of the teachers and as the teachers in the other states became very angry over the fact of a stagnating salary who are considering walk outs.

The Oklahoma package includes about 20 million dollars in internet sales which was approved by the House on Wednesday. The other inclusions are a rise in the taxes of hotels for the generation of about another 50 million dollars and a measure of gambling which could bring in another 22 million dollars. Several thousand teachers have come to the state capitol this week seeking fresh spending for an education system which has seen the general funding per student adjusted by inflation come down by about 28.2 percent between the years 2010 and 2018. This particular rate of reduction is the biggest in any of the states. This is per the reports of the nonpartisan Centre on Budget and Policy Priorities. In the previous week lawmakers approved the first major increase in the rate of tax of the state in about 25 years of time which is a 400 million dollars revenue package that would have resulted in the increase of pay for a teacher by an average of about 6 thousand dollars.

The data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States showed that this was not enough for the teachers who were seeking about ten thousand dollars over the past three years of time. Even with the pay scale as proposed by the lawmakers, the teachers would still be receiving lower average salaries as compared to the teachers in each of the neighboring states. As per the data of the year 2017 from the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States, the state of Oklahoma which is dominated by the Republicans has the lowest median pay for teachers among the states for both elementary and secondary school.

January 16, 2022 - 19:07
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