Pence seeks revenge against Manchin

Mike Pence who is the Vice President and Senator Joe Manchin thought that they had a deal but it was not exactly so. Manchin told Pence in the month of August of the previous year that he would not be able to vote for the latest plan for repealing Obamacare but was committed to working on a bipartisan tax cut bill. This is per the sources of Manchin and administration who were quite familiar with private conversations that took place at an event for tax reform in the mountains of West Virginia. But per administration officials and the Republicans who provided a brief about the conversation said that Manchin went further and promised Pence that he would be supporting the tax bill and give his consent for the bipartisan sheen that US president Donald Trump was very eager to seek.

Manchin now states that it was not true. At first, he voted for it but after a time period of four months he decided he did not agree and said no which is not at all forgotten by Pence. On the home soil of Manchin Pence laid into him constantly by saying that Joe had voted no on the priorities of the US president which was actually a very sharp political attack that was motivated by the belief of Pence that Manchin had not kept his promise but broken it. This is per GOP lawmakers who are in constant touch with Pence. The words from Pence very quickly took the form of an advertisement for the Senate Republicans against the vulnerable incumbent of the Democrats.

In the meantime, Manchin is very angry that Pence had used this particular misunderstanding as the context for the tearing down of his bipartisan credentials and he also claimed that he would never commit to a vote for a bill which has not been written yet. He also made it clear that Pence and the White House never actually tried to work with him. Now, Manchin is of the viewpoint that Pence has currently become an attack dog who is standing against his bipartisan reputation because of the fact that the GOP is in fear that it actually plays very well with the common people. Manchin stated in an interview that this is so dishonest from the Vice President and it was not at all expected. Manchin mentioned that Pence is not upset and he actually cannot be upset.

January 16, 2022 - 18:46
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