Pennsylvania primaries could herald shift of power in US House

On Tuesday, voters will be heading to crucial party primaries in Pennsylvania which is presently a state that has become central to hopes of the Democrats for retaking control of the US House of Representatives. The analysts have stated that the state offers the opportunity to the Democrats for picking up as many as five seats from the Republicans in congressional elections scheduled to be held in the month of November 2018. In the meantime, the Democrats will need a net total of 23 seats for taking the majority of the House of Representatives which is most likely to derail the policy agenda of the Republican President, Donald Trump. The politics in the nation of Pennsylvania had actually gone into a state of disorder earlier this year when the Supreme Court of the state found out that the present districts of Congress had been tailored in an unconstitutional way in favor of the Republicans. The maps of the districts which were drawn again have made some of the districts more competitive in nature.

In addition to this, six of the incumbent House Republicans are not going for re-election which is further scrambling the races and needs the voters to become familiar with a raft of candidates who are first time runners. There are a total of about 81 candidates competing for the eighteen congressional seats available which includes ten of the Democrats in a single race. The Democrats are quite confident that they would be able to win in three of the districts in suburban Philadelphia, irrespective to the fact of which of their candidates win their primaries on Tuesday because of the liberal tilt of those areas.

Another contest which is more interesting in nature comes in the north eastern district which is being emptied by Charlie Dent who is the retiring Representative and one of the few remaining moderate Republicans in the House. Allentown which is the largest district in the city sustained huge losses of jobs in the year 1995 with the shutdown of the Bethlehem Steel plant which had once been the pillar of the economy of the region. The top three contenders namely Greg Edwards, Susan Wild and John Morganelli actually represent diverse viewpoints in the modern Democratic party. All three of them are of completely different views and ideas in the party.

January 16, 2022 - 03:28
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