People in Florida Without Power

Finally, the killer storm, Irma has retrieved from Florida which is now allowing Floridians to return back in search for their original homes on Tuesday. They are coming to find out that their homes are wrecked, huge shortages of food and widespread power outages. Now they have to face the daunting task of recovery. According to Chris Krebs who is the assistant secretary for infrastructure protection at the department of Homeland security about fifteen million people are without electricity across the state. At a news conference held on Tuesday morning, Chris Krebs asked everyone to have patience since it is going to take some time for restoration work to be completed. The extent of damage that was caused by the killer hurricane, Irma will require a situation of rebuilding the complete power infrastructure. The reason behind this is that the destruction caused by the storm, Irma cannot be repaired instead it has to be built again.

Communication has also been one of the major problems in some of the barrier islands due to cellular disruptions in those areas. The acting secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke stated that nearly 22,000 federal personnel are in Florida for the efficient and effective handling of this long and challenging path of rebuilding in the time to come. She also mentioned that when a storm of this magnitude occurs it is necessary for a team effort to effectively deal with the particular situation.

The residents and the business owners who were displaced due to the effect of the storm from Key Largo, Tavernier and Islamorada were allowed to return on Tuesday morning for having a first look at the damage that was caused to their homes and offices by the killer hurricane. They were shocked to have a look at the damage and the first thought that came to their mind is the time & money that would be required to repair the damage. They thought about the time when everything would be returning to normal. The people who are from the Lower Keys would have to wait for a bit more due to the effect of road blockages in place. This is due to the fact that the highways to the islands that are located farther away were washed away by the killer hurricane, Irma. After the road services are restored, the people who are still waiting can come which will definitely need some time to be fixed.

January 16, 2022 - 18:57
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