Politics heats up on Mueller probe

Among new signs that special counsel Robert Muller is chasing is an obstruction to a case of justice against the president of the United States Donald Trump. Republicans who are in Congress have put in a lot of effort on their investigations of the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation who are dealing with all ties of President Donald Trump with the Russian nation. On Tuesday, there were a number of dramatic developments in the case involving Russia which is inclusive of the news that Robert Muller had recently carried on an interview with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He is actually the first one of the Cabinet officials who was questioned in the investigation. Per reports from the New York Times, James Comey who was previously the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was interviewed by Robert Muller in the previous year as well.

In spite of the fact that Muller has apparently showed a lot of momentum, Republicans made some fresh charges of political bias and even charges of political misconduct in some of the top law agencies of the United States. Republican Bob Goodlatte, who is the chairman of the House committee that supervises the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation, purported of a conspiracy against the president of the United States by agents of the FBI whose exchanged a number of text messages that have been made public in selective bursts by GOP lawmakers on Fox News. Goodlatte also mentioned that some of those text messages are extremely disturbing in nature. He added that those messages illustrate a conspiracy on the part of some people and we want to know more about the details regarding the case.

The Republicans have been particularly enraged by a new revelation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that five months of the continuous exchange of text messages between a senior counterintelligence agent in the bureau named Peter Strzok and an attorney of the FBI Lisa Page appear to be missing. Peter was dismissed from the team of Mueller for some reasons that were unspecified in the month of July. The bureau also revealed to Congress on the weekend that it had not retained the messages. The cause of the missing messages was attributed to some technical glitches with the storage system of the bureau by officials of the bureau which made it clear that transparency was not being maintained.

January 16, 2022 - 18:58
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