Polls swing toward GOP

Republicans will finally get a sigh of relief about their present prospects in the midterm elections which are currently going on because of the fact that the polls swing toward the GOP which is evident from the improvement in the numbers shown by the polls. President of the United States was simply overjoyed and attempted to sell this particular shift in the sentiment of the common people which reflected in the polls that is currently ongoing. The president did this during the course of a joint Senate-House Republican retreat which was being held in West Virginia in this week. Donald Trump told lawmakers that he just had a look at some of the numbers which is doing much better that everyone had expected. He pointed out the numbers of the polls on Thursday which he discussed with Steve Stivers who is the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The poll numbers are really doing very good and this one is a good example to show how the things are getting better. This is exactly what Steve Stivers told reporters in an interview after having a discussion regarding the number of polls with the president of the United States. Steve Stivers also mentioned that the bang in approval given by Donald Trump about the rating is actually a positive symptom for the Republicans running for re-election. He also made it a point that no president in their second year of office has seen their rating for approval achieve this particular height except for the current one. GOP lawmakers discussed this particular favorable turn in the numbers of the ongoing polls during their retreat.

On Wednesday evening, pollsters Myra Miller and David Winston of the Winston Group put forward a presentation to the lawmakers which was given the title of 'Middle Class Americans' Views of the Tax Plan: The Opportunity for 2018.' A poll on Wednesday, that was released by Monmouth University clearly showed that the rating approval given by Donald Trump has taken a solid jump by ten points and on the other hand the advantage of the Democrats on the generic ballot dropped down by two percentage points. The question regarding the generic ballot basically asked the respondents about their voting choice whether they would go for a Democratic candidate or a Republican candidate in their own district and this was actually considered as an indicator of future wave elections.

January 16, 2022 - 19:06
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