Preparing for Trump visit B-2 bomber make rounds

A B - 2 bomber which is very well equipped with the capabilities of a nuclear strike flew over some parts of the Pacific region that was not disclosed this weekend. This was done as preparation ahead of the visit of the US president Donald Trump to South Korea and Japan. The bomber made rounds for the familiarization of the air crew with the air bases and operations in the different geographic combatant commands which would simply enable them to maintain a high state of alertness, readiness and proficiency. This is per a statement of a military official of the United States. The statement also said that the mission was intended to be a visible demonstration of commitment to our allies and at the same time it is also for enhancing security of the region. This was as reported by the Japan Times.

A B - 2 bomber which has large operating range and the ability to refuel in the air, is most likely to be the top choice in the event of a US nuclear attack on North Korea. The mission of the B - 2 bomber came at the time when Trump is all set to meet leaders of Japan and South Korea starting on the 5th of November among the times of increasing tensions with the communist regime of North Korea. Pentagon chief Jim Mattis, the chief of the Pentagon who is currently visiting allies in the region, reiterated on Sunday an unequivocal opposition to North Korea as a nuclear power. He said in South Korea that he is not able to imagine a condition under which the United States would accept North Korea as a nuclear power.

Yonhap a news agency of South Korea reported on Sunday that the South Korean regime nodded to its intent to suggest offering maintenance support for strategic military assets of the United States that are deployed in the country with the hope that the United States will expand its missions on the Peninsula of Korea without any concern over issues of maintenance, fuel supplies and a number of others things as well. Earlier this month, the B - 1B bombers were deployed from Guam during military exercises with the South Korean Air Force in a reply to the increasing tensions after North Korea conducted its tests of nuclear weapons. North Korea said that they will shoot down any bombers of the United States that violates the air space.

January 16, 2022 - 18:52
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