Puerto Rico Becomes the Next Target of the Hurricane

The next target of the monstrous hurricane, Irma is Puerto Rico. On Wednesday, Irma had hit the northern Caribbean which has the ability to create great devastation with pounding winds, raging surf and torrential rain. At the end of this week, the possible route of Irma is expected to be Florida. Hurricane Irma is all set to become the second most powerful storm that will be thrashing the United States which was not certain till now. The people of the United States are still in a state of shock and have still not recovered from the losses of hurricane Harvey that hit Texas the end of last month killing about sixty people along with a total financial damage of about 180 billion dollars.

Hurricane Irma has come as expected to have winds with a phenomenal speed of 185 miles per hour. It has already passed over the island of St. Martin which is the east of the territory of the United States that is Puerto Rico on Wednesday. Some of the people stood on the shores in the capital city of Puerto Rico, San Juan who wanted to have a last look at the ocean before taking shelter against hurricane Irma. People are already stocking their homes with adequate supplies of food and water. Also, they have put metal storm shutters on the windows of their houses for protection.

Almost all the businesses were closed and the streets of Puerto Rico were found to be empty. The governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello has recommended that the 3.4 million islanders take shelter in any one of the 460 hurricane shelters that have been arranged. The emergency officials who were on duty in Antigua and Barbuda have reported only three injuries, but the damage is minimal with only some roofs reported to be blown off. The officials have stated that the communications between the islands were cut off. Also, the power supply was cut off in these islands. Even the French territory is on high alert and has already started taking precautions. The French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb stated that already four building were damaged that included the prefecture, a building of the police and a barrack of the fire brigade. All the low - lying regions were already flooded and hence the alertness. Irma ranked as one of the five most powerful hurricanes of the Atlantic in the last eighty years.

January 16, 2022 - 18:54
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