Puerto Rico cancels contract with Whitefish power

On Sunday, the government of Puerto Rico said that they will be cancelling the 300 million dollar contract with a very small Montana company for the restoration of power to the territories of the United States that were hit by the killer storms. This cancellation came as a result of an uproar over the deal. The contract between Whitefish Energy Holdings and Puerto Rico's bankrupt power utility came under fire when it was revealed that the terms of the contract were obtained without a competitive public bidding process which should have been done. The local residents, local officials, and the federal authorities of the United States all criticized them for the arrangement. On the other hand, the cancellation of the contract could lead to further complications in the pressing challenge of Puerto Rico from the territory's worst storm in the last 80 years to restore power back to its 3.4 million residents.

After a time period of about six weeks after hurricane Maria devastated the island, only one fourth of the homes and businesses have power and the utility has set a target of having 95 percent power back by the middle of the month of December. A number of other utilities have also taken a part in the efforts for recovery but Whitefish said that they had more than 350 people on the island. The director of Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, Ricardo Ramos said that he had to consider their risk for delay resulting from the cancellation of the contract with Whitefish. The territory has reached out to the officials in New York and Florida who have already sent officials to Puerto Rico for sending more crews in the event that Whitefish is not there anymore.

Whitefish has mentioned in a statement that it was extremely disappointed with the decision that was taken by the government of Puerto Rico. Whitefish also added that this decision will only result in the delay of bringing back power to the common people of Puerto Rico and they would not be able to get power back as soon which they deserve like their fellow citizens on the mainland after the occurrence of the natural disaster. Earlier on Sunday, the governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló had called for the cancellation of the contract with Whitefish and the decision was accepted by the director of Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority Ricardo Ramos.

January 16, 2022 - 02:49
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