Putin-Trump summit to take place in Helsinki on July 16

The president of the United States Donald Trump and the president of Russia Vladimir Putin is all set to meet on the 16th of July 2018 in Helsinki. This is per reports from of the Kremlin and the White House on Thursday. This would actually be the first official meeting between the presidents of the two nations which will be very closely watched by nervous allies of the United States in Europe and critics of Russia in the United States. Both countries announced the details at the same time which happened a day after striking a deal on holding a meeting following a visit to Moscow on Wednesday by John Bolton who is the US national security adviser. The White House mentioned in a statement that both leaders will be discussing the relations between the United States and Russia along with a wide range of issues regarding national security.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have met two times before on the side lines of international gatherings. Both of them meeting together in the next month could irritate the allies of the United States who want to isolate Putin, such as Britain or those who are bothered about what they see as an overly friendly attitude of the US president Donald Trump towards the Russian leader. It is also very likely to go down badly among the critics who are questioning the commitment of the US president, Donald Trump to the NATO alliance and who have been concerned about his frictions with long-time allies such as the nations of Canada and Germany regarding trade.

Trump had previously expressed his long intention for a very good relationship with Moscow even as Washington tightens sanctions. Hanging over the relationship of the nation of Russia since Donald Trump took office in the month of January in the previous year. The conclusion of the intelligence community of the United States was that the Russian nation sought to interfere in the 2016 presidential campaign for the purpose of tilting the election in favor of Donald Trump. On the other hand, the nation of Russia has long denied the fact of any kind of meddling with the presidential election campaign in the year 2016. A special counsel is investigating a possible conspiracy by the Trump campaign with Russia, which Trump has strongly denied every time he was asked about it.

January 16, 2022 - 03:56
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